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All starters are served with salad and mint sauce


All starters are served with salad and mint sauce

These dishes orginate from various regions of the Indian subcontinent

Some of these dishes are uniwue to Spice Club as we only use the best in fresh fround spice, which creates a mouth - watering flavours

(Fish & Seafood)

Worth a little waitm some of these dishes are unique to Spice Club. The seafood below is highly recommended and is in demand in India

Something to investigate! These dishes are not to be missed as they have been created by our vast knowledge of food from the Asian subcontinent

These dishes have been prepared by our chef tohave a real vegetarian taste

(BBQ's and Grills)

Sizzling tandoori charcoal grilled dishes are marinated in fresh spices, herbs and yoghurt cooked in skewers and garnished with fresh coriander and served with salad and mint sauce.

All dishes prepared with basmati rice, garnished delicately in herbs and spices, served with vegetable curry.

Balti dishes are cooked with onions, tomatoes and mixed peppers with our chefs special balti sauce.

(Old Time Favourites)

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