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Indian Curry

44 Chatham Street, Ramsgate, CT11 7PR

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A selection of popular starters recognised by everyone which have been enjoyed by generations. All starters are cooked to order & served with fresh crispy salad & mint yoghurt sauce

House Special Starters

Exclusive to our menu is chef's selected starters, specially created using all individual ingredients, spices and herbs for each dish giving it a unique and different flavour. Highly recommended by our chef

Traditional Indian method using cast iron pots with natural spices

Medium hot curry

Recommended Biryani Dishes

Tandoori Grilled Dishes

Main course

Special Tandoori Masala Dishes

Cooked with fresh green chilli, onions and capsicum. A slightly hot dish full of flavour

A delicious combination of spices and lentils. Slightly hot, sweet & sour

Extremely hot

Served with pilau rice

Fresh Special Vegetables Dish

Vegetable Side Dishes

Served with chips, peas and tomatoes


A selection of popular dishes recognised by everyone and which have been enjoyed by generations of curry lovers. Each and every chef has their own interpretaion of how these dishes are prepared. From the golden age of British Indian cuisine nearly all curry chefs have stayed with the same formula. Although the taste may vary from chef to chef the old favourites remain the same

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