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162 Abercromby Street, Glasgow, G40 2SA

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Tandoori dishes are marinated in a mixture yoghurt, selected herbs and spices then barbecued in a charcoal fired clay oven.

Ideal for weight watchers and served with salad & curry sauce

(eg; Korma, Patia, Chasni ect) can be ordered instead extra £1

(All served with rice)

Rice not included Chicken and prawn available

Rice not included. Chicken, lamb, dishes available at no extra charge

Chicken or Lamb

All cooked with korma sauce.

Rice not Included

A traditional dish combining spiced rice, vegetables and your choice of the following:

Separate sauce 50p extra

Add Cheese £1 extra

Ask for Salad and Sauce. Separate Sauce 50p

All served with chips & a Dip

Make a Meal

Add Fries & Drink

Our burgers are made with 100% Irish beef

Ask for Salad and Sauce. Separate Sauce 50p

Ask for Gherkins in your burger for 20p extra!

Add 95p for Chips as well

All served with Chips & Soft Drink

Separate Salad & Sauce 95p

Ask for Salad and Sauce

Separate Sauce 50p

All served with lettuce & mayo

Separate salad & sauce 75p

Add Chips inside for £1 extra

We make fresh dough

Ask for Your Garlic Dip 20p

Served with Salad, Sauce & Chips

Available 7 Days Between 4pm-7pm

Served on nan or Wrap

Chips smothered in cheese with salad & sauce.

Served in a same contaner available in lamb & chicken included rice

Pizza Box Filled With:

Chicken Pakora, Mushroom Pakora, Donner Pakora, Chips, Vegetable Pakora, Onion Rings, Donner Meat, Salad, 2 Sauce, Nan Bread

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