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Indian Kebab

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Perfect as a starter or snack freshly made and bursting with flavour.

(Sweet Chilli, Mint Yoghurt)

(Sweet Chilli, Mint Yoghurt)

Selection of premium dishes prepared by using the chef’s own knowledge and experiences of the Indian sub continent. A great choice for

genuine food lovers!.

A selection of dishes that have been created exclusively by our chefs for you to enjoy

Please be aware fish dishes may contain bones

Biryani is created by cooking basmati rice together with fresh herbs and spices. Served with a medium spiced vegetable curry sauce

Cooking in a tandoor is a traditional method which creates a delicious taste with Temperatures approaching 400 degrees Celsius. It is perfect for creating a crisp outer layer on the food without sacrificing the so- juicy flavours inside

These dishes have proved very popular over the last 20 years, great tasting cuisine cooked with the most premium ingredients.

Served with pilau rice or chips

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