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Indian Burgers Halal

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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

All chicken dishes are 100% fresh chicken breast only.

All of these chicken dishes can be made with plain chicken no tikka

All biryani dishes are served with curry sauce

Chips smothered in cheesse wit lashing of meat, salad and sauce

Rice not included

We only use dough freshly prepared each day

All King Kebabs Are Served with Nan, Salad and Sauce Separately

Choice of Wrap or Pitta or Mini Nan

All King Kebabs are served with nan, salad & sauce separately. CHOICE OR WRAP OR PITTA BREAD OR MINI NAN

Toppings of your choice wrapped in fresh pastry & oven roasted, Garnished with cheese & sauce. All our calzone pizzas are served with salad and tub of sauce

All Set Meals Include Complimentary Tub of Salad, Spiced Onions & 2 Poppadoms

All kids meal serve with chips, soft drinks & a lolly pop

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