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Indian Curry

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These dishes are cooked with rice & served with vegetables. The dishes are generally medium but the vegetable curry (sauce) can be prepared to individual taste.

Balti food is medium sauced and spicy. The basic balti is enhance with specially prepared garam masala, fresh herbs and spices, requiring great skill. Our chef has great scope with balti dishes, and mastered the technique required for the best balti

This is an exotically spiced dish

A sweet and creamy dish cooked with coconut, almonds, nuts, cream and spices to create a dish suitable for people who like mild curries

A light mixture of spices and herbs used to create this medium flavoured curry

Fairly hot in thick spiced sauce

Very hot with potatoes in spicy sauce

A well spiced onion flavoured curry with capsicum, medium strength in tasty thick sauce

Rogan is a medium strength dish with galic tomatoes and flavoured with herbs in a spicy fresh sauce

Vegetable Side Dishes

Served with pilau rice

Dansak: A beautiful combination of spices, prepared with hot, sweet, sour and lentil sauce

Pathia: Cooked with herbs and hot spices, sweet & sour

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