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Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Allergens & Intolerances

Please note many of our dishes contain certain allergens. Please ask

about your meal when ordering and we will be happy to advise you.

Tandoori Specialities

Special Tikka Curry Dishes

Balti dishes uses effective cooking ingredients. Whole spices are roasted & ground like coriander seeds, cardamom, black pepper & mint to give a distinctive flavour. Our balti dishes come in plenty of sauce, served with naan

Cooked with saffron flavoured basmati rice & served with vegetable curry

Special Chef's Recommendation

Combination of spices fried together to produce a dish of medium strength with onions, tomatoes, coriander. A dry dish compared with curry. Medium strength

These dishes are medium spiced & topped with cooked tomatoes & herbs

Pathia dishes are fairly dry, nicely seasoned, cooked with onions & fresh herbs. Served with pilau rice

A preparation of mild spices cooked with coconut, fresh cream, nuts, sultanas to create a delicate flavour & creamy taste. Mild

Cooked with fresh spinach leaves & garlic to produce a very tasty medium dish

Boneless fillet tilapia fish

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