Spice Balti

Pakistani Indian

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Cooked with fresh garlic and chillies, with herbs and spices

The following dishes are served in a dividing dish. You can also make your own combination

Basmati rice cooked with mild oriental spices & flavoured with Saffron. Served with vegetable curry. Dressed with cucumber & tomato.

Served with green salad & chips

Can be served as main

Desserts and Soft Drinks

Full range of desserts available now including cakes & waffles

All starters are served with salad and mint sauce

These tandoori dishes are marinated in yoghurt with delicate spices and cooked in a clay oven, served with green salad & mint sauce.

Cooked with eggs, tomato, herbs and spices.

Whole king prawn, cooked in a shell with fresh spring onion, pepper, served in Spice Balti's special sauce.

Cooked with potato, tomato, herbs and spices.

Special Recommended Dishes

Tandoori Mossala & Curry Dishes

The following dishes do not include rice

Special Balti Selection Dishes

All dishes are cooked with onions, tomato green peppers, fresh herbs, coriander & ground spices.

Traditional Curry Dishes

Cooked with maximum chopped onions & capsicum, green chillies, little hot.

Medium with spinach & spices

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