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Indian Curry

14 High Street, Heacham, PE31 7ER

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These dishes are marinated in spices & grilled on charcoal in a clay oven, served with green salad & mint yoghurt sauce.

Prepared with fresh herbs & spices in a thick sauce

Deliciously mild curry with a fresh creamy sauce, specially recommended for people who prefer less spicy food

Medium, fairly dry cooked with tomatoes, onions & garlic

Sweet, sour & hot, cooked with lentils, served with pilau rice

Sweet, sour & fairly hot flavoured curry with tomato, green pepper & coriander. Served with pilau rice

Lightly spiced & cooked with ghee, mixed & fried together with saffron rice. Served with a vegetable Curry.

Served with green salad

Our suggested combination 3 course set dinner

What is a Thali?

A Thali is a platter that is made up of several different dishes to create a perfectly balanced meal. In the Hindi language, the word 'thali' means 'the plate'.

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