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Note: Allergy Advice: Please be advised that all our dishes will contain dairy & some may contain traced of nuts & other allergens

If you have an allergy please consult a member of staff before ordering

Tandoori Specialities

Tandoori cooking originated in India. The tandoor is a charcoal OR gas fired clay oven used for cooking breads OR meats, the temperatures reached inside the tandoor are extremely high, which helps cook the food very quickly without burning. Preparation for tandoori cooking is as important as the cooking itself, if not more. The desired meat, chicken OR fish is marinated in a special sauce of fresh herbs, spices, yoghurt & unique tandoori pastes, which give tandoori dishes their special taste & aroma which have made it the most popular form of Indian cuisine

Served with vegetable curry sauce, fresh salad, spicy yoghurt sauce & tamarind sauce

Does not include rice OR chips

Any other curry sauce available for £1.50 extra

Bangladeshi Specialty Dishes

Chef's signature dishes

Rice not included

Spice Island Exclusive Dishes

Balti cooking is what tandoori cooking was in the 70's, it is something of a new culinary phenomenon in Great Britain, although it has been in Pakistan (where it originated) for centuries. The popular misconception is that it is just one unique dish, it certainly is not. Balti is essentially a method of cooking a wide range of curries quickly on the stove using a balti pan incorporating the technique known in the Indian sub-continent as 'bagar', where the spices are flash fried to release their taste & aroma giving a more 'ethnic taste' to food. Our chef has created a few balti dishes for you, we sincerely hope you enjoy them

All balti dishes are served with complimentary plain naan (boiled rice, pilau rice OR chips instead of naan 95p extra)

Combination of the side dishes can also be prepared

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