Indian Curry

16 Market Street Telford, Wellington, TF1 1DT

Delivery from 17:30

Note: If for any reason, our menu does not exhaust your expectations, feel free to consult a member of our team & specify your ingredients so that we may provide a bespoke dish exclusive o your preferences

All served with fresh crisp salad & mint sauce

Marinated in a delicious tandoori sauce with aromatic spices & herbs, cooked over a charcoal flame & stir fried with onions. Served with a fresh crisp salad & mint sauce

Special mix contains chicken tikka, lamb & prawn

From the snow fed foothills of the Himalayas, the naturally fragrant basmati rice is enhanced with cinnamon, cardamom & layered with spices. Served with a vegetable curry

Recommended one portion per person

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