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Note: Please be advised that a few of our dishes may contain

allergens. If you have any requirements, please speak to a

member of staff so they can advise you accordingly.

Please note all meat is beef

Served with Salad & Mint Sauce unless stated otherwise

Served with Salad & Mint Sauce

Served with Vegetable curry

Sweet dish cooked with creamy coconut sauce)

Fairly Hot

Mildly spiced dish, fairy saucy cooked with thick onion base

Spicy dish cooked with green chillies, Green peppers, & tomatoes

Mild dish, cooked with fresh tomatoes & green pepper

Medium Spicy dish

Very Spicey, saucy dish

Mildly spiced and cooked with Spinach

Medium saucy dish Served with Nan

Very hot dish cooked with coconut

Fairly hot, sweat & sour dish cooked with lentils

Fairly hot,, sweet & sour dish served with Pilau Rice

Mild Curry with Pineapple

Mild dish cooked with Banana

Fairly hot curry cooked with Naga chilli

Served with chips, peas & tomatoes

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