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Indian Kebab Halal

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Note: Food Allergies And Intolerances:

Please speak to a member of staff about the ingredients in any of our meals when placing your order. Thank you

All kebabs are served with Pitta Bread, Mixed Salad & Sauce

All served with Sauce and Salad.

Served with chips & a soft drink

Tandoori Specialities

All the tandoori dishes are cooked on charcoal in a clay oven, and these specialities are served with salad, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, lemon, rice and curry sauce.

Served with rice

These dishes are prepared in a cast iron karahi. A very rich flavour is achieved by using fresh ginger, garlic, onions & green peppers (capsicums). Green peppers can be left out if you wish. For extra bite green chillies can be added to make it hotter

Served with rice

Most of these specialities are cooked in a traditional tandoor style

Served With Rice

Served with rice

Rice is not included. Mild or Madras £0.50 extra

Rice is not included. Mild or madras £0.50 extra

All dishes are available with Mince same price.

Rice not included

Chicken, lamb, fish or vegetables cooked tenderly in rice delicately flavoured with special spices.

We serve only the finest Basmati Rice.

All served with salad and chips

All served with salad and chips.

All served with salad and chips,


All our pizzas have a cheese and tomato base.

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