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Indian Curry Halal

11 Bannockburn Road, Stirling, FK7 0BP

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£2.80 delivery fee

No min. order

Served with boiled rice.

Cooked on a charcoal grill. Served with curry sauce, salad & rice

Prepared in a cast iron karahi (souk). A very rich flavour is obtained by using fresh ginger & garlic, green peppers are also used but can be left out

If you wish for an extra bite ask for green chillies to be added - 30p extra

Rice not included. Beef or lamb £1 extra

Special Staff Curry

Highly recommended. Rice not included

Nobody makes it better than us in Scotland guaranteed

Large chapati wrap with chips & cheese

Served with cheese, jalapenos & salsa sauce.

Rice not included

Prepared tikka style & cooked with fresh garlic, ginger & special balti. A great tasting dish prepared & served in a balti to required strength. King prawn £3.00 extra

Rice not included

All korma made with sweet or unsweetened.

We can make any vegetable dish upon request!

Rice not included

Enjoy your cosy evening of your own home with our tasty biryanis. Served with curry sauce

Curry & rice in same dish

Pineapple OR banana 50p extra

Fried Chicken & Western Dishes

All chicken dishes made with boneless breast of chicken.

Range of dips available please ask

Kids Favourites

Can also be served with fries & juice (Capri Sun) - £1.50 extra, kids meals only available until 9 PM

All kebabs served with sauce & salad. With sauce or salad separate 50p extra each. Pitta Bread 50p extra.

All burgers can be served with fries & juice with £1 extra

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