Spice Tandoori

Indian Curry Halal

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If you have an allergy to any of the allergenic ingredients in the guide that is in accordance with the EU food information regulation then none of our dishes are suitable to you as they may contain traces of all 14 allergens.

This is due to the manufacturing and cooking processes of all our products.

Please make our staff aware before ordering if you have any allergens.

Way of preparation - lamb, poultry (spring chicken) is marinated in yoghurt sauce with delicate herbs and spices and then barbecued on skewers over fl aming charcoal in our specially made barrel shaped clay oven

Biriany is a famous and ceremonial cuisine of the whole Indian sub-continent. Chicken, meat or shellfish exotically

A light mixture of spices and herbs are used to create this medium flavoured curry

Dansak (served with pilau rice) - a beautiful combination of spices, prepared with a hot sweet and sour lentil sauce

Balti food is medium sauced and spicy, cooked and served in a balti dish. The basic balti is enhanced with specially prepared garam massala and fresh herbs and spices, requiring great skill. Our chef has great scope with balti dishes and has mastered the techniques required for the best baltis.

Balti Vegetable Side Dishes

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