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Satisfyingly agreeable dishes to start with, or perhaps order multiples for a mini-feast

In the 1970s, thanks to a select group of enterprising Bangladeshis, Indian curry houses exploded in popularity. In London's East End, Brick Lane became renowned for its concentration of curry houses, with around 50 establishments lining just one stretch of road. These curryhouses were known in Cockney English as “Ruby Murrays”. Spicewala pays tribute to this legacy, offering some curries with distinctively "Ruby Murray" characteristics and others with more traditional Indian flavors (Actually Indian, not Bangladeshi).

The tandoor - what an invention eh? Coal fired furnaces which allow food to be flash grilled at temperatures of 400 degrees celsius, allowing crispy charring on the outside, but retaining all the flavour and moisture on the inside. At Spicewala, the secret to a good grill is in the marinade, which is what we do amazingly well.

India is actually predominantly vegetarian. We love our chickpeas, we love our lentils and we definitely love all vegetables. See below a selection of electic mains, true to the Spicewala theme (we have also included mild ones too xx)

King prawns and prawns, we got them all! A selection of dishes which pair incredibly well with Seafood.

Our traditional dish, where a protein is cooked along with rice to provide a delicately spiced tasty one pot dish! A Biriyani is to be shared, or kept as a main course all for yourself!

Classic side dishes, except they're just better at Spicewala. They just are :)

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