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Onions, peppers, fresh tomatoes & coriander fried tomatoes & coriander fried together with selected herbs & spices to provide a dry dish


Lots of fresh onions seasoned with spices to produce a medium to hot taste

Very Hot

A south Indian dish widely known for its fiery fabulous rich hot taste. Black pepper, lemon, garlic & red chilli are just a few of the spices added

Sweet & hot

Containing garlic, onions, tomato puree, red chilli & black pepper


A delicate preparation pf coconut, fresh cream & spices

The main item is fried in oil with specially cooked basmati rice, flavoured with saffron & served with a curry sauce

Fairly hot

A very fiery dish of south Indian origin


A thoroughly garnished dish, cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes & chillies with a few selected spices

Sweet & sour pineapple, garlic & spices


The sauce of these dishes is of medium consistency, made from a wide range of eastern spices, giving a rich flavour


A special preparation of pimento, garlic, peppers & onions, garnished with tomatoes

Cooked with fresh garlic in a thick sauce, garnished with fresh green chillies

All specialities are served in large containers

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All kebabs served with lettuce, onions & chilli sauce

All served with fresh salad & chips

By using fresh dough, herbs & ingredients with our savoury sauce together with 100% mozzarella cheese we guarantee you the true taste of an Italian pizza - Try one & see

All served with chips

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