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Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Some food may contain nuts

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Contains gluten

Marinated in a yoghurt-based sauce & spices with fresh ground masala & fresh herbs cooked evenly on skewers in our traditional clay oven. Served with fresh salad & yoghurt sauce.

These are dry dishes

Sweet & mild dishes contains almonds, coconuts & fresh cream

All prawn & king prawn dish: contains crustaceans

Balti dishes are cooked with chef special balti sauce

Mixed balti: contains prawn

Tossed in butter & seasoned with oriental fresh cream & sultana

All korma dishes: contains cream & coconut

Mixed korma: contains prawn

Medium spiced dish, specially cooked with capsicums, onions, tomato & coriander

Mixed rogan josh: contains prawn

Fairly hot, cooked with garlic, lemon, onions & tomato

Mixed pathia: contains prawn

Medium hot dish with hard boiled egg, potato & special spices

Mixed Bombay: contains prawn

Mild dish, prepared with fruit & fresh cream

All kashmiri dishes: contains cream, coconut & almonds

Mixed kashmiri: contains prawn

Medium Hot

Cooked with lentils, lemon juice, sugar & pineapple

Producing hot, sweet & sour taste

Mixed dansak: contains prawn

Tossed in butter & seasoned with oriental spices

Cooked with onions & tomato

Medium Hot

Mixed bhuna: contains prawn

Medium strength

Cooked with briskly fried onions & capsicums

Mixed dopiaza: contains prawn

Fairly hot, cooked with coconut & hot spices

Thick sauce

All ceylon dishes: contains coconut

Mixed ceylon: contains prawn

Medium spiced, cooked with spinach, onions & tomato

Mixed sagwala: contains prawn

Fairly Hot Dish

Mixed madras: contains prawn

Very Hot Dish

Mixed vindaloo: contains prawn

Medium Hot Dish

All prawn & king prawn dish - contains crustaceans

Mixed curry: contains prawn

All rice: contains ghee (Except boiled rice)

All breads contains: Gluten, egg & milk

Paratha contains: Ghee

Served with chips, peas & fresh salad

Indian Dessert

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