Spicy Cube

Indian Pizza

5 West George Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DH

Delivery from 16:45

Note: Wednesday Special

Buy any pizza - get 1 FREE

Pizza must be the same size, same value

(09" - 10" - 12" Buy one get one FREE)

These dishes are all served with basmati rice, salad & curry gravy

Medium strength, mild or hot - 50p extra

Chicken or lamb marinated in yoghurt base spiced with our own freshly ground Punjabi masalas & fresh herbs then cooked evenly to perfection on skewers over red hot charcoal in our clay tandoori

Rice included

Rice not included

All dishes are available as vindaloo, madras OR mild at 40p extra

Rice not included

Special rice treated with garlic, ginger & spice with desired meat or chicken or vegetable etc. Served with separate curry sauce

Rice not included

All our pizzas base are made using fresh & daily prepared dough with our own special sauce made from traditional recipes

Extra toppings & stuffed crust available

Folded & stuffed

All served with sauce. Can be made without vegetable, on request

All small & large kebabs are served with pitta bread, mixed salad & sauce. Salad & sauce separate 50p, extra garlic sauce available for all kebabs. King kebabs are served on a naan bread

Served with salad & mayo

Make it a half pounder £1.00 extra

Extras are available

All wraps comes with salad & sauce. Extras are available

All wrapped up in a delicious chapati (super large)

Served with French fries & salad

All served with chips & juice

Extra nutella £1 extra

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