Springwood Cafe

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4 Shelvers Hill Epsom


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  • Set Breakfast
  • Breakfast Bap
  • Sandwiches (Freshly made)
  • Meal Deals
  • Burgers
  • Milk Shakes
  • Panini
  • Chicken Tikka Masala with Butter rice
  • Chicken Kebab & Crispy Chicken Wraps
  • Kids Meals with Fruit shoot or Juice
  • Cold Drinks
  • Hot Drinks
  • Omelettes with chips and beans
  • Desserts
  • On Toast
  • Extras
  • Crispy Chicken burgers and Chips
  • Fish & Chips
  • Soup Bar
  • Jacket Potatoes
  • Salads with Crispy Chicken
  • Chicken Bar
  • Toasted Sandwiches
  • Special Omelettes with chips and beans
  • Gluten Free
  • Chips

Set Breakfast

  • Set 1- Free tea coffee or Drink and Toast

    2 Rashers of Bacons, pot of baked Beans, sausage, egg, 2 slice of Hash brown, Toast , tea or coffee or free can of drink


  • Set 2 - Free tea or coffee Drink and Toast

    Egg , 2 Rashers of Bacon, Sausage, Bubble, Mushrooms,, baked beans , Coffee or free can of Drink & 1 Slice of Toast


  • Set 3- Free tea or coffee and Toast

    2 Rashers of Bacon, Sausage, Egg, 2 slices of Black pudding Tomatoes, Chips, Tea, Coffee or Can of Drink & 1 Slice of Toast


  • Set 4- With t=Tea Or coffee Or Drink and Toast

    2 Rashers of Bacon, Sausage, Egg, 2 Hash Browns, Beans , Mushroom, Tea, Coffee or Can of Drink & 1 Slice of Toast


  • Hillside Special- Free drink, or tea or coffee and toast

    2 Eggs, 3 Rashers of Bacon, Sausage Chips, Tomatoes, Beans, Tea, Coffee or Can of Drink & 1 Slice of Toast


  • Create Your Own Plate

    Choose any 6 items  With Tea, Coffee or Can of Drink & 1 Slice of Toast


  • New Vegetarian Set

    2 Fried Eggs, Vegetarian sausage, mushrooms, Tomatoes, Beans, Hash Browns, , Tea, Coffee or Can of Drink & 1 Slice of Toast


Breakfast Bap

  • Breakfast Bap

    For filling choose 3 items from the list below: Bacon Egg Sausage Mushroom  Hash Brown Cheese Crispy Chicken


Sandwiches (Freshly made)

  • Cheese sandwich

    Sandwich made with 2 slices of cheddar cheese

    from £3.80

  • Egg sandwich

    Made with 2 farm fresh fried eggs

    from £3.40

  • Ham and cheese Sandwich

    2 slices Buffet ham and cheese hand crafted in our kitchen option of fresh Tomato with Ham as well

    from £3.70

  • Bacon Sandwich

    from £4.20

  • Sausage Sandwich

    Sausage grilled to perfection with butter

    from £4.10

  • Tuna Mayo

    from £3.60

  • Tuna Mayo Sweetcorn

    from £3.70

  • Chicken and Salad

    Made with oil free cooked Chicken breast and Fresh Salad

    from £3.70

  • Chicken & Prawn Cocktail with Mayo

    White bread or Brown bread Chicken Breast baked with Prawn cocktail

    from £3.90

Meal Deals

  • Meal Deal 1

    Breakfast Bap with crisps Tea or Instant Coffee or Can of Drink


  • Meal Deal 2

    Mega Cripy chicken burger, Chips, Can of Drink


  • Meal Deal 3

    Quarter Pounder with Cheese , chips and can of drink.


  • Meal Deal 4

    Half Pounder and Cheese, Chips, Can of Drink


  • Crispy Chicken Wrap with chips and drink

    Freshly prepared crispy chicken wrap with fresh lettuce tomato and cucumber with a portion of chips and drink


  • 10 Nuggets Chips and Drink

    10 Nuggets Chips and Drink



  • 100% Pure Beefburger

    Grilled Beef patty with a toasted American style sesame bun , with Tomato onion and lettuce

    from £3.80

  • Cheeseburger

    Small Beef burger with toasted sesame bun with choice of Salad and Cheese


  • Quarter Pounder and Cheese

    100 % beef quarter pounder with cheese

    from £4.90

  • Fresh Fillet of Chicken Breast Burger

    Giant chicken breast fillet (275 gm)with crispy coating fried to perfection. Topped with lettuce tomato and mayo

    from £6.80

  • Half Pounder and Cheese

    Top quality Pure 100% double patty beef burger Grilled to perfection with fresh lettuce , tomato and cucumber sauce option , ketchup , burger sauce

    from £6.90

  • Giant Stacker Burger

    Beef half pounder and cheese with crispy bacon topping

    from £7.40

  • Veggie Burger

    from £3.90

  • Double Beef Burger

    100 pure beef Double beef patty with american style Sesame bun


  • Double Cheese Burger

    pure 100% beef patty topped with double cheese and grilled to perfection


Milk Shakes

  • Chocolate Milk Shake 480ml


  • Oreo Milk Shake


  • Vanilla Milk Shake


  • Strawberry Milk Shake

    Made with real strawberries and milk and ice cream


  • Lotus Biscoff Milkshake


  • Kitkat Milkshake ( limited edition)

    Made from ,milk, kitkat chocolate and vanilla icecream



  • Panini Vegetarian

    Grilled mushrooms & Vegetarian Sausage


  • Panini & Two Fillings in Ciabatta Bread

    Freshly prepared served with crisps

    from £6.50

  • Panini with Tuna Mayo with melted cheese with Crisps

    Panini made with fresh tuna mayo seasoned with black peppers


  • Panini Chicken Bacon and Melted cheese with Crisps

    Freshly prepared panini with chicken crispy bacon and hint of peppers and onions and grated cheese served with packet of crisp


Chicken Tikka Masala with Butter rice

  • Chicken Tikka Masala with Butter rice, Naan Bread & Salad

    A warm medium spices Chicken tikka masala serves with fresh salad , butter rice and naan bread


  • Chicken Currey Balti with Peas Rice

    A delicately spiced chicken currey with herbs and tomato served with butter rice, salad, may contain some traces of nuts and sesame seeds


Chicken Kebab & Crispy Chicken Wraps

  • Grilled Chicken kebab with Rice and Salad

    Boneless breast of chicken marinated in mild spices served with salad

    from £8.50

  • Crispy Chicken wrap

    3 fillets of boneless chicken fried wrapped with fresh lettuce tomato and cucumber l

    from £6.90

  • Crispy Chicken Salad

    Fresh Green lettuce , cucumber and Tomatoes topped up by bones crispy chicken fillet

    from £6.50

Kids Meals with Fruit shoot or Juice

  • Kids 4 Chicken Nuggets and Chips and Fruit Shoot


  • Kids Cheese Burger and Chips with Fruit shoot


  • Sausage, Chips and baked Beans with fruit shoot

    Sausage Chips and Beans


Cold Drinks

  • Chilled Cans

    Can of Drinks

    from £1.60

  • Bottles (500ml)


  • S Pellegrino sparkling Water 500ml

    Original Italian S Pellegrino sparkling Water 500ml


  • Still Water 500ml


  • Lucozade Orange 380ml


  • Glass of Fresh Orange Juice 330 ml


  • Glass of Milk 330ml

    Milk whole


  • Coke Zero. New Taste 330ml


  • Red Bull 250ml


  • Limonata( Sanpellegrino)

    Chilled sparkling lemon beverage


Hot Drinks

  • Hot Chocolate


  • Espresso

    from £2.20

  • Macchiato


  • Americano


  • Flat White


  • Latte


  • Cappuccino


  • Mocha


  • Tea (PG Tips)


  • Herbal Tea


  • Instant Coffee with Milk

    Instant Coffee with Milk


Omelettes with chips and beans

  • Omlette With Cheddar cheese Served with Chips and Beans

    Omelette made with 3 farm fresh egg and cheese


  • Omelette with mushrooms with chips and beans

    Omelette made with 3 farm eggs grilled mushrooms and brown onion


  • Omelette with Ham and Cheese with chips and beans


  • Spanish Omelette with chips and beans

    Peas, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, onion



  • Chocolate Bar


  • Chocolate fudge Cake

    Luxury chocolate fudge cake, decorated with chocolate fudge icing


On Toast

  • Marmalade on 2 Toast

    Old English marmalade on 2 buttered toast


  • Jam on 2 Toast


  • Marmite on 2 Toast


  • Beans on 2 Toast


  • Cheese on 2 Toast


  • 2 Fried Eggs on 2 Toast


  • Scrambled Egg on 2 Toast (3 Eggs)


  • 2 Poached Eggs on 2 Toast


  • Nutella on 2 Toast

    Nutella (Contains Hazelnuts) (Gluten free)


  • Avocado and Egg on 2 Toast



  • Fried Egg

    Fried egg with rapeseed oil


  • Bacon (2 Slices)

    Gluten free


  • Sausage


  • Mushrooms


  • Baked Beans


  • Tomatoes


  • Bubble

    Swedish bubble


  • Black Pudding (2 Slices)


  • Hash Browns (2 Slices)


  • Ham (2 Slices)


  • Small Burger (No Bun)


  • Fried Slice


  • Chicken Sausage.


  • Prime Protein Vegan Sausage


Crispy Chicken burgers and Chips

  • Mega crispy chicken burger


  • Chips

    Chips freshly prepared


  • Chips small


Fish & Chips

  • Fish & Chips

    Battered Cod fish fried in Rapeseed oil


  • Chips

    from £3.20

Soup Bar

  • Tomato Soup


  • Mushroom Soup


  • Lentil Soup


Jacket Potatoes

  • Jacket Potato with Baked Beans

    Large baked jacket potato served with top quality baked beans


  • Jacket Potato with a Cheese and Beans

    Large jacket potato baked to perfection


  • Jacket Potato Grilled Mushrooms & Cheese.


  • Jacket otato with tuna Sweetcorn

    Jacket potato with tuna Sweet corn


  • Jacket Potato With Chille Corn Carn

    Home made chille corn carn , with minced beef and kidney beans


Salads with Crispy Chicken

  • Plain Salad with crispy chicken

    Lettuce cucumber and tomato freshly cut topped with 4 crispy chicken tenders with salad cream and extra virgin olive oil


Chicken Bar

  • 6 Chicken Nuggets & Chips


  • Chicken Kebab with Chips

    Boneless marinated chicken kebab grilled to perfection Served with chips and salad


Toasted Sandwiches

  • Cheddar Cheese Toasted Sandwich

    2 slices of cheddar cheese with brown or white bread toasted


  • Ham Fresh Tomatoes and Cheese Toasted Sandwich

    Honey roasted too quality ham with fresh wine tomatoes and cheddar cheese toasted with butter


  • Cheese and Chicken Toasted Sandwich


  • Tuna and Cheese Toasted Sandwich

    Tuna in brine seasoned with black pepper and mayo with cheddar cheese on top Freshly toasted


  • Tuna and Cheese with Sweet Corn Toasted Sandwich

    Freshly seasoned Tuna in brine with sweet corns and cheddar cheese


  • Chicken Bacon and Cheese Toasted


Special Omelettes with chips and beans

  • Ham and Cheese Omelette with chips and beans

    Omelette made with three farm fresh egg with cooked ham and cheddar cheese served with beans and chips


  • Grilled Mushrooms and Cheese Special Omelette


  • Omelette with chicken and cheese

    Omelette made with 3 farm fresh eggs and Boneless chicken fillings and cheese


  • Omelette with Grilled Mushrooms

    Omelette made with 3 farm eggs and Fresh grilled mushrooms served with chips and beans


Gluten Free

  • Chicken Kebabs

    Boneless marinated in mild spices chicken kebabs grilled to perfection


  • Chips

    Gluten free chips regular size


  • Tuna Mayo Salad

    Freshly prepared Salad , Lettuce Wine tomatoes , cucumbers and hint of parsley topped with Tuna seasoned with mayo (contains egg and Mustard) and black pepper


  • Gluten free breakfast

    2 Bacon , 1 Fried egg , Mushrooms Tomatoes, Baked beans, Gluten free chips


  • Omelette with grilled Mushrooms

    Made with 4 eggs and grilled mushrooms served with Gluten free chips and Beans or chips and Salad


  • Hash Browns 2



  • Chips large


  • Chips small



Thursday 21 September 2023
Always good
Springwood Cafe replied
Thanks alot for your feedback 👍
Saturday 02 September 2023
Springwood Cafe replied
Thanks alot
Monday 10 July 2023
Delivered as ordered, hot and delicious thank you.
Springwood Cafe replied
Thanks for your feedback 👍
Saturday 17 June 2023
Very polite service, ordered for collection and they hadnt quite finished making the order so i say and waited they offered me a bottle of water as it was warm and i had to wait , the quality of the food was amazing and not badly priced
Springwood Cafe replied
Thanks for your lovely feedback ,see you again soon.
Wednesday 14 June 2023
Wow! I couldn’t believe how big my bap was, so tasty and a really generous amount of fillings. Fantastic value for money, very happy.
Springwood Cafe replied
Thanks Roxanne for your lovely feedback, it will help us to maintain our quality of food.
Saturday 15 April 2023
Food just wasn't that yummy. Good service and warm however.
Tuesday 31 January 2023
Tuesday 17 January 2023
Springwood Cafe replied
Thanks alot
Monday 09 January 2023
Springwood Cafe replied
Thanks alot
Saturday 07 January 2023
Order here for 2rd time and wasnt very impressed! Say 25-40mins soon as i pressed checkout i got a delay time of hr to hr n 25mins!! 1 pinini fine and chips nice. However Ham and cheese panini wasnt cooked, cold! cheese wasnt even melted, ham thick cheap circle ham ended up taking half of it out and their milkshakes say made with icecream but was so watery was obv only made with milk! Also no cream. Should have no when they have a 2 star hygiene rating!
Springwood Cafe replied
Really sorry to hear that , we really tried our best to deliver just on time. But sometimes delays do happen due to extra delivery pressure on the rider and milk shakes do melts as we really used strawberries and icecream to prepare our Milkshake. Please do order next time we will send strawberry Milkshake and a ham and cheese panini with the order on the house. Thanks for your feedback

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