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Note: FOOD ALLERGIES: If you have any food allergies please inform the staff & we will be glad to help. Gluten is found in all the breads that we serve, this includes nans, chapatis, purees, porota & rolls. Gluten/lupin may also be prevalent in breadcrumbs used in chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks & cheese rings. Peanut &/or nuts are in the following dishes: kurma, Sri Lanka, pasanda, muglai, hariali, biryani, butter chicken tikka, all masala dishes & peshwari. Cheese is found in all cheese & paneer dishes. Milk/yoghurt is found in all tandoori special dishes, kurma, Sri Lanka, pasanda, muglai, hariali, butter chicken tikka, all masala dishes, tikka, peshwari & mint sauce. Eggs are used in all nan breads, onion bajees, sheek kebabs, special pillaw rice, egg rice, mozzarella sticks & cheese rings. Mustard seeds are used in our base onions which are used for all bhuna based/style dishes, side dishes & rices. Crustaceans include prawn & king prawns. Sulphur dioxide is often found in dried fruits

All of our starters are served with a fresh salad

All tandoori dishes are all served with fresh salad and mint sauce

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