Stone’s Fish and Chips

Fish & Chips Burgers

331 Horn Lane, London, W3 0BU

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Satisfy your appetite without overwhelming your senses.

Ocean Seafood Delights:

Savor sustainably sourced fish cooked in our handmade batter, along with a variety of delectable seafood options.

Fresh-Cut British Ramos Potato Delights:

Savor the finest Ramos potatoes, meticulously selected for optimal sugar content and dry matter. Enjoy their light, fluffy interiors and irresistibly crispy exteriors in every delectable bite.

Delicious Temptations:

Explore our range of irresistible delicious delights.

Flavorful Condiment Selection:

Enhance your dishes with our range of delicious condiments & Sides.

Delectable Dessert Delights:

Indulge in our tempting array of sweet treats.

Refreshing Drink Selection:

Quench your thirst with our variety of refreshing beverages.

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