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Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Please let us know at the time of ordering if you have any allergies to any food dishes.

***Winner of Best English Curry 2019 Award for Takeaway and Home Delivery***

Most Starters Are Served With Salad & Mint Sauce

Most Starters Are Served With Salad & Mint Sauce


Tandoori Dishes Are Marinated In Yoghurt With A Variety of Ground Herbs & Spices For 24 Hrs. To Get Its Original Flavour And Tenderness. All These Are Grilled In A Clay Oven, Served With Salad & Mint Sauce, Fried Onion On Top.

Special Yoghurt Sauce Spiced With Cream & Coconut - Mild

All The Fusion Specialities First Marinated With Yoghurt, Herbs, Spices & Cooked In A Clay Oven Then Re-Cooked As Follow

Balti Dishes Are Cooked In A Balti Pan Thick Sauce, Onion, Green Pepper, Slightly Tangy Taste, Served With Nan Or Pilau Rice

A tasteful combination of various spices with lentils. hot, sweet and sour taste, served with a portion of Pilau Rice

Hot, Sweet And Sour Taste Served With A Portion Of Pilau Rice

Hot Dish With Sliced Onion, Green Pepper & Green Chilli

Pure Basmati Rice Served With Medium Vegetable Curry

Vegetarian Main Dishes



Chutney, Pickle & Papadom

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