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These dishes are marinated in yoghurt with fresh herbs & selected oriental spices & are cooked over charcoal in a clay oven to give it that unique taste. Served with fresh green salad and mint sauce.

Any of these tandoori curries are cooked in a specially blended tandoori sauce with fresh cream, herbs, coconut powder and almonds and all the curries which are listed on the menu can be served hot or mild

Balti Dishes originally came from Pakistan and are cooked medium hot with special herbs and fresh tomatoes. Coriander is highly flavoured and extremely rich in spices

Medium hot dish

A very hot dish

Very very hot served with naga chilli

Medium hot well spiced curry fairly dry with thick gravy

Medium strength with fried tomato, onion and herbs

Medium curry with pineapple and banana pieces

Medium curry with pineapple pieces

Biriani and Pilau Dishes

All biriani dishes are served with rice and garnished with tomato, cucumber and lemon served with vegetable curry.Request hot or mild according to your preference.

Hot & sour, dry curry

Served with chips, peas & tomatoes

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