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Streat Vegan Bites

Dishes created to excite your taste buds with flavours from all over Asia

All these dishes are prepard with carefully selected fresh ingredients to create dishes with flavours from the streets of asia

Freshly woked dishes with flavours from the streets of Asia

Add box and select your choice of Meat and heat also in Veg

Streat peri chicken select your dish and add some sides and a drink to make it a meal

Grilled chicken topped with a sauce of your choice served with salad

Streat Burgers

Streat Bites

Chef Special

Dishes created by our team of chefs to bring the true flavours of tradtional dishes infused with spices and herbs chosen to fire up your taste buds select dish and customise to your taste

Original Streat Curry

Traditional dishes from the regions of the subcontinent cooked with fresh ingredients and herbs and spices to enhance your experience of a true balti enjoyed by many in there homes select dish and customise to your taste

Streat Platters

To share or not!

Tiffin Boxes

Food roulette pot luck curry a selection of 3 curry dishes chosen by the chef from different regions of the subcontinent to bring you an experience of dishes enjoyed daily in the streets of India

Nan bread topped with fresh ingredients and mozzarella cheese best of both enjoy a curry flavours Pizza style

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