Sugar n Spice

Burgers Chicken

20/4 Auchencar Drive, Kilmarnock, KA3 1QD

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Served with Chips

All burgers include sauce and salad (option available)

Anything with Double Slice £1 Extra


Small kebabs are served with Pita Bread, salad and Sauce or Garlic Sauce

Large with bread, salad and sauce or Garlic Sauce and king served with Naan bread, salad and Sauce or Garlic Sauce

(Extra Cheese £1.50) - (Salad Separate £1 extra, Sauce Separate £1 Extra) All Kebabs have options for sauce or salad.

With chips and cheese

Salad and Sauce optional

Flame Grilled to perfection with 3 tasty Xavours to choose from:

Lemon and Herb



Melted cheese and tomato salsa in a tasty tortilla

Made with any choice of icecream and sauce

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