Sugar Rush - Burnley

Sweets Desserts Halal

18 Kierby Walk, Burnley, BB11 2DE

Delivery from 15:45

Made with crushed ice , syrups , A refreshing ice cold drink , fizzy drinks ,

Freshly made milkshakes in your choice of flavour, topped with squirty cream and a sauce.

Regular - 12oz.

Large - 21 oz

Hot, good sized waffles drizzled with chocolate sauce, covered with a generous topping of your choice and served with a separate tub of Vanilla Ice cream.

Small - half a waffle from the machine and 1 x tub ice cream

Large - 1 x full waffle from machine with 1 x tub ice cream

A selection of winter warming and old school traybake desserts served with a choice of quality flavoured custards or a seperate tub of Vanilla Ice cream.

Tripple Chocolate Brownies with melted chocolate and topping of choice, served with a separate tub of ice cream. Small - 1 Brownie, topping and ice-cream. Large - 2 Brownies, toppings and ice cream.

Doughnut covered in chocolate and a topping of your choice

A Selection of dessert Combos. Served with tub of Vanilla Ice cream unless stated otherwise.

Please bare in mind the fragility of Freeze Dried Sweets. Whilst every effort is made to make sure your Freeze dried reaches you in perfect condition we cannot guarantee that larger pieces won't be broken. This does not effect the flavour.

Our sweet kebabs are jam packed with a mixture of gummy sweets and marshmallows on a kebab skewer. Comes with a melted chocolate dipping pot.

A packed tray of Vanilla Ice cream with sauce and a generous portion of your chosen topping.

Full range of drinks from the shop ranking from American , European , all the sour , toxic waste and your classic drinks

Stock from the shop. Stock updated daily

American theatre boxes , bags , packs ,

Also pick and mix sweets in bags

With Free can of brain licker

All Toxic Waste Items , brain lickers & Sour patch kids

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