Supremo's Pizzeria

Pizza Kebab

26 Station Road, Redcar, TS10 1AQ

Delivery from 16:45

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

Doner Pizzas are served with small side salad & small dip

kebabs are served with chips, salad and a pitta bread & Sauce

Served with Chips, Salad and 1x Small Dip

All our Parmesans are Breaded Chicken topped with Bechamel Sauce & Cheddar Cheese , Served with Chips, Salad, Creamy Cabbage or coleslaw

Beef Patty in a Seeded Bun, served with Chips, Salad.

served with Chips, Salad.

Served with Chips, Salad.

All our Kebabs are served with chips, salad and 1 small dip

Served with Chips and Salad.

All our Kids meals are served with a kids drink.

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