Sushi and Bento House

Sushi Japanese Halal

19 South Walk, Basildon, SS14 1BZ

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Party deal for 2 to 10 persons

5 Pcs crispy chicken wings coated with House special Sauces of your own choice.

2Pcs gunkan wrapped in nori and sushi rice.

8 Pcs maki wrapped up with nori and sushi rice.

3Pcs nigiri with chosen toppings on sushi rice.

8Pcs futomaki wrapped up with sushi rice and full size Japanese yakinori.

8Pcs uramaki wrapped up with sushi rice outside and nori inside with chosen item.

Seaweed cone fillings with sushi rice with chosen topping and special sauce.

5Pcs sashimi served with mix salad, lemon and toppings.

Serve with mix veg with teriyaki sauce, rice, edamame and 2 pcs veg gyoza.

Soba noodles serve with mix vegetable, garnish, and special sauce.

Serve with Japanese curry sauce, rice and garnish.

Rice ,seaweed, necked beans, pickled cucumber, crispy onion, avocado, carrots, garnish served with chosen toppings.

Deep fried crunchy rolls

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