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Sushi Sets

  • Party Set

    950 g. 35 pieces of sushi, perfect for a 3-4 person evening sushi party! Contains 15 pieces of futomaki, 8 pieces of uramaki, 6 pieces of nigiri, and 6 pieces of hosomaki.


  • Dragon Roll Set

    Red and green dragons. 8 pieces red dragon: seafood sticks, mayo, cucumber, eel, and sesame seeds. 8 pieces green dragon: tempura prawns, cucumber, avocado, mayo, and sesame seeds.


  • California Big Set

    Our new big set – California rolls + cucumber hosomaki - 18 pieces


  • Veggie Big Set

    480 g. 18 pieces of sushi in a vegan version! Contains 8 pieces futomaki (avocado, pepper, carrot, cucumber, salad mix, tofu cheese), 4 pieces uramaki (almonds, avocado, cucumber), 3 pieces Nigiri (pepper, avocado), and 3 pieces hosomaki (avocado, nori sprinkle).


  • California Hungry Set


  • Veggie Hungry Set

    350 g. 12 pieces of sushi in a vegan version! Contains 5 pieces futomaki (avocado, pepper, carrot, cucumber, salad mix, and tofu cheese), 3 pieces uramaki (almonds, avocado, and cucumber), 2 pieces Nigiri (pepper and avocado), and 2 pieces hosomaki (avocado, nori sprinkle).


  • Hungry Set

    350 g. Delicious set of 12 pieces of sushi, perfect for a hungry sushi-lover! Contains 5 pieces futomaki, 3 pieces uramaki, 2 pieces nigiri, and 2 pieces hosomaki.


  • Rainbow Set

    8 pieces uramaki: seafood sticks, kewpie mayo, salmon and tuna slices, avocado, and sesame seeds.


  • Gunkan Set

    310 g. Try our new sushi: gunkan and red uramaki! 10 pieces sushi and additions. Contains 1 piece gunkan, 2 pieces futomaki, 1 piece Nigiri (salmon), 2 pieces uramaki, 2 pieces red uramaki ( with Philadelphia cheese), and 2 pieces hosomaki (with avocado and nori sprinkle)


  • Veggie Nigiri

    3 avocado Nigiri and 3 red pepper Nigiri.


  • Tamagoyaki Set

    Tamagoyaki can be a dessert or a wonderful vegetarian meal! 6 pieces tamagoyaki Nigiri and additions. Contains dashi, soy sauce, sugar, mirin, salt, eggs, seasoned rice and nori.


  • Temaki Box

    2 pieces of Temaki Sushi. Have fun while eating, enjoy prawns, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds, Philadelphia cheese and much more! Prawn Temaki: prawn, surimi, lettuce, cucumber, chives, smoked pepper, mayonnaise. Salmon Temaki: salmon, teriyaki sauce, avocado, lettuce, sesame seed, chives, and Philadelphia cheese.


  • Nigiri Box

    Do you like the taste of fine fish? Delicate salmon, tuna and prawn. 6 pieces of nigiri in one box! Contains: 2 pieces Nigiri (tuna), 2 pieces Nigiri (salmon), and 2 pieces Nigiri (prawn).


  • Lunch Set

    280 g. Perfect for your today's lunch! 8 pieces sushi and additions. Contains 3 pieces futomaki, 2 pieces nigiri, 2 pieces uramaki, and 1 piece hosomaki.


  • Sashimi Box

    100 g. Nothing but fresh, fine fish… this is what is sushi about! Delicate salmon and tuna perfect addition to our sets! 3 pieces (salmon and tuna). contains 2 pieces sashimi (salmon) and 1 piece sashimi (tuna).


  • Wakame Salad

    Seaweed salad with sesame seeds, red chilli pepper and black fungus.



  • Aloe Vera Drink 500ml


  • Coca-Cola 500ml


  • Lipton Ice Tea 500ml




  • Wasabi Paste Yutaka

    43 g. Wasabi paste by Yutaka is tasty and handy for every kind of sushi!


  • Soy Sauce - Kikkoman

    150 g. The best soy sauce - kikkoman - is naturally brewed. The best soy sauce, naturally brewed in Netherlands. Only ingredients are water, soybeans, wheat, and salt. Nothing more!


  • Ginger Jar Yutaka

    120 g of pickled ginger slices in one jar is a “must-have” for the bigger Sushi Parties! Remember to eat ginger between sushi to reset your taste and cleanse the palate!


Chicken Sushi

  • Teryaki Chicken Set

    Sushi with chicken, teryaki sauce, cucumber plus avocado, teryaki sauce and mayo on the top


Gyoza Dumplings

  • Pork Gyoza Dumplings

    10 Gyoza dumplings with gyoza sauce, chives and sesame seeds


  • Prawn Gyoza Dumplings

    10 Prawn gyoza dumplings in gyoza sauce with chives and sesame seeds



Saturday 06 July 2024
Sushi is on point. Any problems the restaurant will get in touch unlike a lot of other places. Extra wasabi please!!!!!!
Friday 05 July 2024
Thursday 20 June 2024
favourite sushi place in inverness, quality of fish is amazing! can tell it's made fresh 10/10
Friday 14 June 2024
It was good
Saturday 25 May 2024
No food has arrived
Thursday 23 May 2024
Took 1h 30m to get it. 20 mins late. had no prawns had to get chicken dumplings. Not helpful when I phoned. Wrong items delivered
Thursday 02 May 2024
Never got my food because the delivery person left my food in someone’s door.
Saturday 13 April 2024
Saturday 30 March 2024
Monday 12 February 2024
The food arrived late and we had two items from the order that were missing. That's a shame!

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