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Fondue is melted chocolate and comes in a 4oz pot with other items separate

Any sauces come on top of the product and not separate

Large drinks are 20oz

Vegan smoothies are regular sized (12oz)

All crepes comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a choice of one sauce

Our waffles are made fresh to order using the best luxury ingredients

All waffles come with a standard pot of vanilla ice cream for free or you may choose any flavour for £1.00 extra

All our cheesecakes are luxury individual cheesecakes.

All premium cookie dough comes with standard pot of luxury vanilla ice cream. You can change the flavour by paying a £1.00 extra.

Panda Special Cookie Dough

All gateauxs are ‘a slice of’

All American cakes are imported from America. Each slice of cake comes with pot of vanilla ice cream. You can change the flavour by paying a £1.00 extra

Gluten free

All vegan ice creams are also gluten free

All of these items are one scoop of

Large Tower Sundae - 4 scoops of Ice Cream 

Regular Tower Sundae - 3 scoops of Ice Cream

All shakes are made with vanilla ice cream and the fruit stated for the flavour

Regular are 12oz cups

Large are 16oz cups

2 Pint, extremely large delicious milkshake, blended with your choice of 3 chocolate bars, one slice of cheesecake or gateau and premium luxury vanilla ice cream.

Please call the shop to select the flavours

Chocolate Bar Milkshake

Select a cheesecake of your choice and blend it with luxury vanilla ice cream

All gateau milkshakes are made from premium luxury vanilla ice cream, blended with your choice of gateau slice.

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