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Indian Curry

7-8 East Parade, Whitley Bay, NE26 1AP

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Note: ALLERGY ADVICE: Some of our dishes may contain contain mustard, peanuts and nuts

Please advise your server of any allergies or dietary requirements that you may have prior to ordering

Available Sunday - Thursday

This menu will not be available during any National Holidays. Management reserves all rights.

'The Game Changer' Flatbread Kebab

Tandoori meats with mixed leaf salad, raita and spicy mayo sauce. Served with chips

Upgrade your chips to Garlic or Spicy Garlic for extra 90p

All are served with crispy green salad and mint yogurt sauce.

All of our signature dishes are only exclusive to Takdir, created by our highly skillful and talented chefs

Biriyani is created using the finest Indian basmatic rice then mixed together with spices, sultanas and cashew nuts. Served with a traditional vegetable curry sauce

Traditional Main Courses

All rice dishes are cooked with the finest Indian basmati rice, using ghee, bay leaves, cinammon and cardommon scenting an aromatic unique flavour

Cooked using skewers in our traditional tandoori clay ovens, then finished off on the grill, served on a sizzling platter

All Tandoori dishes are coated in a special homemade, yogurt based sauce and left to marinade overnight.

Served with crispy green salad and homemade mint yogurt sauce

Salads plated with fresh crispy mixed leaf salad, with cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers, red onion and cucumber.

Garnished with a slice of lemon, a sprinkle of coriander, balsamic glaze and a drizzle of olive oil

Per child

All served with a poppadom, chips and rice

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

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