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All starters served with mint sauce & salad

Tandoori dishes are firstly marinated in spices & yoghurt then grilled on charcoal in a clay oven (known as the tandoor) each meal is served with salad & mint sauce

Traditionally prepared & served in a balti dish (hence, its name), this dish is made into a rich curry made from a tasty balti paste, combining herbs & spices such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, chilly, pepper & garlic for a really authentic taste

Medium hot

Britain's most popular dish marinated for several hours in a homemade sauce, selected herbs & spices, barbecued over flaming charcoal in the tandoori, then finished in an enriched masala sauce, dazzling flavour


Has a distinctive spiced flavour, prepared with basmati rice & served with a tasty vegetable curry


Traditionally mild but rich in texture, it is prepared by mixing coconut, fresh cream & blended with nuts, which are then fragrantly spiced with saffron & aromatic spices to produce its distinctive mild creamy flavour

The word "curry" is an English word derivative of "kari" meaning "spiced sauce"

A subtle & delicate blend of spices that transforms meat, fish & veegtables into a special meal

(Fairly hot)

A highly spiced curry "madras" is a fairly hot dish for more discerning plate

A frenzy of chillies combined with tomato

A medium strength curry, containing a greater use of sliced onions & green peppers, briskly fried with selected spices & fresh coriander

Rich in flavour, ceylon are cooked with coconut, coconut milk, lemon juice & chilly spices, resulting in an exotic sweet & sour

Literally means "red juice lamb", a traditional North Indian dish that is spicy but not too hot

Meat or vegetables are pan-fried in an aromatic spice blend & then served with fresh tomatoes, green pepper, onion & garnished with coriander

A mild fruity dish, delightfully combining meat cooked with mild spices & lychees & banana, contains coconut, almonds, fresh cream

(Very hot)

A fiery specialty of Central & South-Western India

Vindaloos are the most mouth-searing of curry dishes

The ocmplex spice blend on which the sauce is based, contains numerous ingredients, not least red chillies

Comprises of sliced onion, green pepper & fresh pan fried tomatoes, resulting in a spicy curry which is dry in texture & of medium strength

(Fairly hot)

Dhansak originated from Persia & is a highly spiced dish; it is cooked with a variety of lentils such as red lentil, chana lentil & mouk lentil combined with a hot, sweet & sour sauce

Vegetable Side Dishes

All cooked with sliced onions, peppers & garnished with fresh coriander

Tandoori Naan & Breads

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