Tandoori Junction

Indian Burgers Halal

455 Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1DA

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Note: Please notify staff of any allergens when ordering.

We only use fresh Dough made with Olive Oil. You can choose your Base from Pizza Sauce, Kebab or Bbq Sauce.

Salad & relish included. Separate salad & sauce £1 extra.

Sauce/Salad included

Served with Side Salad & Sauce

Rice included (clay oven) all Meats are prepared by pre-marination in Yoghurt, fresh ground spices & fresh herbs before being cook on a charcoal flame in the clay oven, served with the finest Basmati Saffron Rice, Salad & Curry Sauce served to your desired succulent.

All dishes in this section include rice and are made using chicken tikka breast fillet & can be also be made with the following

Chicken Tikka £10.50 . Lamb Tikka £10.95 . King Prawn £12.65 . Veg £8.80

Rice not included. All chicken dishes are made with Breast of Chicken. Lamb £1 extra / Prawn £1 extra.

Rice included. These are all generally prepared with Mild Spices but please do not hesitate to ask for Medium Strength or Stronger preparations.

We do several preparations of Kormas. Rice included. Lamb 55p extra. Lamb Tikka £1.10 extra. Prawn £1.10 extra. King Prawn £2.75 extra

Rice not included. These dishes can be made with a choice of Indian Veg or Ordinary Veg to any desired strength

Curries served in same container with Rice

With Chips & Juice

Consists of Chips & Cheese, desired filling, Salad & Sauce in a Tortilla Wrap.

Sauce/Salad included or separate 55p extra each

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