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Note: If there is a dish you would like, which is not listed in our menu, please ask and we will endeavour to make it for you.

Allergens & intolerances

Please note many of our dishes cojntain allergens such as nuts, peanuts, dairy, gluten, eggs etc. Please ask about your meal when ordering and we will be happy to advise you.

Healthy option. Marinated in yoghurt and a special selection of herbs and spices and then cooked in an open top clay oven (tandoor) fired by charcoal. This creates a unique flavour. Fairly dry, served with salad.

The nations number one dish! Cooked in a special rich tandoori sauce, prepared in a blend of aromatic spices, fresh cream, coconut, almonds and ground mixed nuts

Stir-fried with Basmati rice and your chosen meet or vegetable with a blend of medium spices. Garnished with mixed salad and served with a separate vegetable curry. Upgrade to Masala Sauce +1.00 pound.

For the kids perhaps! All the following are served with peas, chips & side salad.

We have complied a selection of age-old popular dishes commonly found in Indian cuisines, all prepared to our unique style, retaining the authenticity of each dish

Choose your preferred protein from chicken tikka, sheek kebab or paneer (vegetarian) wrapped in fresh tandoori naan. Served with salad and choice of sauce

These are recommended to accompany main courses. However these can be prepared as main courses for vegetarian diners on request. Main courses from 6.50.

All desserts and drinks subject to availability.

Poppadom, choice of starter, main, served with rice & naan! amazing

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