Tandoori Plus

Indian Kebab

21 Kennedy Path, Glasgow, G4 0PP

Delivery from 16:15

Tea Times are available between 4pm - 8pm everyday

Strictly for kids only

Served with kids juice

Not avaiable after 9pm

Served with salad & sauce

We fry in organic vegetable oil

Served with chips & salad

Extra toppings available

Original fresh dough hand crafted. Our must try pizzas from freshly made dough for smoothness, softness, taste & value for money.  All pizzas served with garlic dip

Extra toppings & cheese crust are available

10" = Small

12" = Medium

All are served with salad & sauce

All Kebabs are served in pita bread with salad & sauce or garlic mayonnaise, if you need salad & sauce separate, please let us know. (If you need salad or sauce separate on your kebab, it will be charged 50p extra)

A Lightly fried chapati topped with your choice

Fairly Sweet & Sour taste

Extra plain puri £1.50 available

Puri filling can be made spicy OR sweet & sour by just asking at the time of order

Served with salad & choice of sauce

Extra toppings available

All salad served in a large tray

We only use basmati rice imported from the Far East. The in the world

Here is a selection of age-old popular & favourite curries. Now specially prepared in our classic unique curry style. All these dishes are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients, spices & herbs imported from the far east & using fresh scottish meat. All sauces below can be ordered at £3 each

Add fried rice for £3.00, naan bread £3.00, chapati 80p, garlic naan £2.95, peshwari naan £2.95 & boiled rice for £3.00 extra

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