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Indian Curry Halal

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Cooked with chopped onions, green peppers, tomatoes, fresh garlic & ghee. They are semi-dry & medium strength

Tandoori & tikka dishes are not curries. They are marinated, skewered & cooked in a clay oven which is fired with charcoal. Naan, the leavened bread, is also cooked in a clay oven. Tandoori mixed grill served with naan, salad & mint sauce. The rest of tandoori dishes are served with salad & mint sauce

Of central Asian origin. Biryanis are rich, very aromatic, but mild dishes. They contain special saffron rice treated with spiced ghee, almonds & sultanas. All are served with a vegetable curry to suit your taste. A comprehensive blend with a delicate character, suitable for almost any kind of palate - especially for beginners

Restaurant Specialities & Curry

Greeks, kushans, huns, Chinese seamen from the far East, phoenicians & Europeans have all contributed to the national diet of Indian- Pakistan. The highlight & the fantastic variety developed during the Mughol Empire early in the sixteenth century & the influence of the Muslim culinary art are most predominant. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, coriander, cardamon, chilli, pepper, bay leaves & turmeric are but a few of the spices to lie named out of the nuhdred or so used.

No. 102-112 = Mild to medium

No. 113-118 = Medium to hot

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