Indian Curry

10A Saint Michael's Road, Leeds, LS6 3AW

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Served in a freshly baked tandoori naan with chilli sauce & fresh salad.

Delicious milkshakes made with your favourite chocolate bar

Our waffles are served with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream

Served with vanilla ice cream

Served with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream

Take a trip down memory lane. All served with delicious hot custard.

4 Donuts for £4.99

All our pizza and garlic bread are freshly prepared with home-made dough, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, Italian herbs and the finest toppings.

Our gourmet burgers are served with lettuce, fries and a Pepsi Max can

Our classic burgers are served with lettuce and fries

Made with fresh chicken breast, parmesan sauce served with fresh salad, garlic mayonnaise and potatoe wedges

All curries are served with 3 chapatis or boiled rice

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