Tartan Tandoori

Pizza Kebab Halal

119 Cheviot Crescent, Dundee, DD4 9QR

Delivery from 16:00

Note: Please inform us if a you have a food allergy when placing order.

Served with chilli sauce or garlic mayo sauce

Cooked with savoury rice and flavoured with herbs and spices. Served with a curry sauce or bhuna sauce. Garnished with salad.

Rice not Included

Rice not Included

With salad, Rice and sauce

Cooked on charcoal and marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices

Served with chips. All in One

Served with salad and chilli sauce

Separate salad and sauce will charge extra £ 1.00 each

King sized donner kebab (wrapped in naan bread) Served with fresh salad and chilli sauce. For Separate Add £1 Each.

Served in a wrap. Made with Punjabi masala sauce

Wrapped with chips, cheese, salad and sauce

Wrapped with salad and sauce

Add Salad or Garlic Mayo or Tomato Sauce

All Pizzas are made with Tomato Sauce Base

Served with tub of Tartan chilli sauce. 12"

Includes Fruit Juice

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