Tartan Tikka Tikka

Indian Fish & Chips

Unit B Main Street, Sauchie, FK10 3JW

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Note: Allergy Awareness: A few of our dishes may contain nuts or dairy products, If you suffer from allergies then please enquire with staff for full details

French Fries with .......

Seperate sauce 80p Seperate salad 80p

All kebabs served with Pitta Bread or Mini Nan, Fresh Salad and One Sauce (chilli / garlic / pakorsasauce)

All burgers served with fresh salad, ketchup, relish, garlic mayonnaise, mayonnaise.

Traditional Chip Shop

Tortilla wrap with fresh salad & choice of one sauce (chilli / garlic / pakora sauce)

Chapati filled with chips, cheese, salad & one sauce from chilli / garlic / pakora sauce

Garlic nan with spicy sauce, peppers, onions, cheese & salad

With medium container

All our pizzas are made with fresh dough, freshly prepared daily

Rolled over pizza dough with a layer of cheese and a filling of your choice

Served with cheese & salsa & jalapenos

All served with chips & juice

Main meals are served with curry sauce, rice & salad

Served with curry sauce, nan bread, rice & side salad

Served with seperate curry sauce & salad

All biryani dishes cooked with Rice

Rice not included

Available in Chicken - Lamb or Prawn £1.00 extra

Rice not included

Available in chicken / vegetable

Lamb or Prawn 70p extra

Rice or nan not included

Rice not included

Tartan Tikka Tikka Set Meals

Same container

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