Taslima Bangladeshi

Indian Kebab

61 Thicketford Road, Bolton, BL2 2LS

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Extra toppings are available

Served with salad & sauce

Served with salad & sauce

Tub of pineapple 0.75

Tandoori specialities

Served with vegetable curry sauce with salad & mint sauce

Chef's recommendation balti favourites

You like massala dishes but want something more spicy, try the balti dish cooked in massala sauce with extra spices & green chillies.

Balti style dish using freshly chopped garlic, a few light green chillies, pum tomatoes, herbs & spicy (recommended if you're going vampire humbing! Buffy take note!)

Half curry and half rice

Biryani style balti consisting of rice, stir fried with minced lamb, onions, jalapeno peppers & peas, very tasty & served with vegetable curry sauce (No naan served with dish)

All items in this section will need re heating before consumption

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