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Indian Curry Halal

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Note: Our food may contain traces of nuts

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The technique of cooking, designed in India, where food is cooked by three stages of grilling, steaming & roasting became hugely popular & was loved & adopted by Asia. The aroma & flavour of the food come from the charcoal cooking process & is considered as a healthy alternative as no oil or fat are used during the cooking process. The art of clay cooking remains extremely popular nowadays among people who are concerned about their health but do not want to sacrifice the taste & flavour of their food

All our tandoori items are gluten free & served with salad

The origin of biryani is uncertain in North India, it is traditionally associated with the Mughlai cuisine of Delhi & Awadi cuisine of Lucknow. In South India it is traditionally associated with Hyderabadi cuisine. The word biryani is derived from Persian language

It is served with choice of raita OR curry sauce

Taste of Tandoori Specialities

The following dishes are highly recommended by our chef because the fine balances of herbs & spices blended with a variety of other

natural ingredients. This create sauces which precisely compliments & enhances the flavour of the meat

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