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Note: Allergy Notice

Note: Some of our dishes may contain traces of nuts, dairy, gluten & any other allergens. Please ask a member of staff for any allergen & special dietary requirements.

Step 1:- Choose your noodle type: Medium Noodle or Vermiccili Noodle.

Step 2:- Choose your meat: Chicken, Beef, Mix (Chicken and Beef), King Prawns (£2 extra).

Step 3:- Choose your veg (as many as you like): Beansprout, Onions, Peppers, Chillies, Carrots, Cabbage, Mushrooms, Spring Onions, Brocoli.

Step 4:- Choose your sauce: Chow Mein, Pad Tai, Sheuan Hot, Black Bean, Franks Hot, Sweet and Sour

Tortilla wraps with lettuce, onions and choice of sauce- Mayo, garlic mayo, sweet chilli, mango, hot chilli, Franks hot

Served with Salad & Choice of Sauce

Served with Salad

Stir fried with onions & Peppers and one of the following sauces BBQ, Franks Hot, Peri Peri, Tastemax Sizzler Hot with Chillies


With Cheese & Choice of Sauce- Mayo, Garlic Mayo, bbq, sweet chilli, hot chilli, mango, perinaise

With Cheese, Salsa & Jalapinos

With tomato sauce, garlic butter and cheese.

Topped with omelette or egg and seperate curry sauce.

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