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Tandoori cooking is the culmination if Indian culinary art. It was originally a Punjabi way of cooking food, now adopted & prevalent worldwide. The intense heat generated by the charcoal in the clay oven seals in the juices of the meals, spices & imparts its own unique flavour

A dish cooked with coconut, almond, yoghurt & cream

Medium dish cooked with plenty of sauce

Fairly hot dish cookjed with plenty of sauce

Very hot dish cooked with potatoes and plenty of sauce

A fairly hot, sweet and sour dish cooked with lentils

A fairly hot dish cooked with onions, green peppers & green chillies

Medium dish garnished with tomatoes, onion and coriander


Medium dish cooked with spinach

A dish cooked with coconut, almond and fresh cream

A dish without lots of sauce but using an extensive selection of spice

A dish cooked with chickpeas in a medium spice

A fairly hot sweet and sour flavored dish cooked with onios, lemon juice, tomatoes & mixed spice

Goan Green Special

Green massalla dishes are fairly hot, cooked with fresh pureed coriander, tamarind, mint, green chillies and herbs

Fresh Vegetable & Side Dishes

Set Meal for 2 Person

A medium dish cooked with diced onion and green pepper

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