Tasty Burritos

Mexican Burritos

21 Carr Street, Pitch 14, Microshops, Ipswich, IP4 1HA

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Soft tortilla filled with rice, black beans choice of fillings, cheese ,fresh salsa, shredded lettuce, red cabbage, and sweetcorn .

Corn tortilla chips with beans, Your choice of meat or veggie filling, salsa cheese, sour cream and jalapenos

Lettuce, fresh salsa,sweetcorn, beans your choice of meat or veggis filling, red cabbage, salsa and lime and coriander dressing.

Spicy rice mixed with tomatoes and herbs. Can be served with Coleslaw or Salad.

Delicious tacos served with salsa. Meat Chicken Beef & Chilli Con Carne

Delicious chicken cooked in jerk sauce for tasty flavours

Delicious chicken curry cooked with mushrooms, pepper, Scotch bonnets & coconut milk

Delicious cooked curry goat, served with Rice and Peas and Coleslaw

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