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Note: Sawasdee Means ‘WELCOME’ in Thailand and we are happy to welcome you to the comforts and delights of traditional Thai hospitality.

Thai food is known to be hot and spicy but well prepared traditional Thai dishes should not be predominantly so. There must always be harmony in a dish with the sharpness of the chillies and spices in a curry being toned down by the sweetness of the coconut cream. This also enhances the flavours and tastes of the fish sauce and other delicate ingredients.

Dinner, which is the main meal of the day, consistsusually of at least three dishes with rice. Dishes are notconsidered courses and are served at the same time. It iscustomary to take portions from each dish and this can be in any order one prefers.

In the olden days, Thai meals were traditionally eatenwith fingers, But that practice has long since ceased in the modern society, and nowadays Thai food is enjoyed with spoon and fork. We hope you do enjoy our food in the same way.

If you would like help or advice in selecting your dishes, please do not hesitate to ask us. It is our pleasure to assist you, including vegetarian dishes.

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Thai Balcony

Superior Thai Cuisine

Some dishes may contain traces of nuts or wheat products or allergens. Please ask staff for further details.

Decorative items such as banana leaf and orchid flower should not be eaten.

No added MSG. Extra spicy available upon request.

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