Thali & Tandoor

Indian Kebab

28 Castle Lane, Bedford, MK40 3US

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Note: Time-honoured & authentic.

This is not British curry, this is the real McCoy, curry-khana.

Think of a full hearty & nutritionally balanced mini feast or tapas done Indain style.

Each meal consists of papadom, onion bhaji, vegetarian somosa, aloo tikki, house daal, pilau rice, tamarind sauce and mango chutney.

T&T Finest Kebab Thali

A veritable meat feast (for 2 or not) of 2 Lamb Chops, Chicken Tikka, ¼ Tandoor Chicken, Duck Tikka, Beef Sirloin Tikka & Finest Lamb Rump Tikka – served with a selection of dipping sauces

The business of vegetables is a serious one on a continent with the world’s largest number of vegetarians, vegans and Hindus. Most restaurants clearly distinguish themselves as “non-veg”, “vegetarian” or “pure veg”. This is our shakashari (plant eater in sanskrit) paradise.

This isnt going to be the war and peace of rubies. Its going to be short, spicy and distinguished. Do not expect British curry-khana food here. This is top notch, rustic, regional fayre.

This is Indian, but not as you know it! This is our homage to the roadside kebab-wallas. The kebabs are spicy, smoky, a little greasy and delicious

Smoothie & Yoghurt Lassie

16oz Fresh vegan smoothie, or fresh mango and yoghurt lassi

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