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Note: Food allergies and intolerances: Please ask a member of staff if you require information in the ingredients in the food we serve.

A Thali is a typical Indian silver platter with small bowls containing an assortment of selected recipes. It is a complete main course served with rice and home-made bread.

Tandoori Karai Dishes

These dishes are prepared and served hissing in a 'karai' (a wok like utensil) with a mixture of ground aromatic spices and herbs

Authentic Balti Dishes

Balti is a type of kashmiri curry whose origins go back centuries in the area which is now North Pakistan. All Balti Dishes are individually preppared with only the freshest ingredients and special blended mixture of authentic herbs and spices. The result is aromatic and very tasty. Balti Dishes are stir fried with spices and served in a hissing 'Karai' or 'Balti' Pan (Served with a naan bread)

Biriany dishes are special. A satisfying complete main course in which meat, prawns or chicken are spiced and fried with rice and served with a separate vegetable curry in medium sauce. Garnished with egg and tomato.

Dansak dishes are hot, sweet and sour, with lentils, served with pilau rice

These are twice cooked tandoori, first cooked in the clay oven and then in the frying pan with special spicy sauce.

Vegetable side/main dishes

All vegetables are cooked with fresh herbs and medium spices

All english dishes are served with chips, peas and tomatoes

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