The Amran Tandoori

Indian Pizza Halal

327 Old Edinburgh Road, Tannochside, G71 6BP

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The Amran Tandoori Tannochside.

Served with side salad & sauce

(Clay oven) All meats and fish are prepared by pre - marination in yoghurt, fresh ground spices and fresh herbs Served with finest basmati rice, salad and curry sauce

(Large Curry sauce £1.00 extra)

Rice or nan included

Rice or nan included

Rice or nan included

Rice or nan included

Specially cooked in a thick bhoona sauce with wine, fresh herbs, spices, including spring onions, green peppers & green chillies, if desired, giving this dish abundant aroma & excellent flavour.

(Special bhoona) (rice or nan included)

These dishes are prepared in a cast iron karahi (souk). Very rich flavour is obtained by using fresh ginger and garlic, green peppers for an extra bite ask for green chillies to be added

These dishes can be made to any desired strength (rice not included)

(Rice not included)

Lamb £0.50 extra - prawn £0.50 extra

Rice or nan included

These are all generally prepared with mild spices but please do not hesitate to ask for medium strength or stronger preparations. We do several preparation of kormas

Please ask for the desired preparation of korma

Large sauce £1.00 . speciality sauce £2.00

(All served with chips or fries)

Home made pizza dough folded & stuffed with fillings of your choice & topped with cheese, salad & sauce

Served with chips, salad and sauce. Potato wedges 50p extra

All hoagies are served with chips, cheese, salad and sauce. Potato wedges £1.00 extra. Separate salad 50p, separate sauce 50p. Extra salad £1.00, extra sauce 50p. Cheese £1 extra

Sauce & salad separate - 50p extra each, extra pitta bread - 50p, extra salad - £1 extra sauce -50p

Served with pitta bread, salad & sauce

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