The Chicken Strip

Chicken Street Food

The Link Social Club, Parsloe Road, Harlow, CM19 4RT

Collection from Fri 18:45

Feeling peckish or super hungry? Endulge yourself or treat the family. There's something for everyone!

Our signature chicken strips are hand cut from the breast and each strip is prepared individually with not one being the same.

Once prepped, they are dipped in a buttermilk marinade and left to soak up all the flavour making the strip extra juicy. It is then hand rubbed in a dry mix of herbs and spices which gives the chicken its unique signature coating.

Our "Big" wraps come with as standard - lettuce, cucumber, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and straight cut chips all served in a giant tortilla wrap.

Our "Original" chicken strip burger comes with our signature strips, shredded lettuce, mayonnaise served in a brioche bun.

Our Strip Dog is the dog's b*ll*cks. It's super tasty and super messy (napkins are a must!). Who says hotdogs need sausage - chicken for the win!

Fancy a little something on the side?

Fancy something to quench your thirst? Choose from a variety of canned soft drinks, water or fruit juice.

Our chicken goes with any of your favourite sauces. Will you go with the popular tangy burger sauce or dare to try the buffalo hot sauce? How's about mixing it up with blue cheese and sweet chilli? There's plenty to choose from.

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